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XU makes it possible for young talent to get the best education in becoming self-confident designers and leaders of a digital world.

At the same time, we support organizations in building an open, agile and networked version of themselves, and in actively shaping their future in a time of exponential change.

Capacity for action means having the ability to adapt the organization to the hyper-speed of the digital era, empower and motivate top executives and employees to develop and inspire new talents, and quickly bring digital innovations to fruition.

XU offers the right solutions: from focused courses of studies at our university, through numerous corporate education programs, to the company-wide development of customer-centered ideas as part of our co-creation approach.


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We believe that the profound transformation that has gripped our entire society cannot be mastered with the tools, mindsets and institutions of the twentieth century.

We do not accept structures that prevent open and inspiring exchange across businesses, industries, countries, and system boundaries. We reject rules written for a world that has long ceased to exist.

When it comes to this change, we are convinced that we are not powerless. It is our responsibility to shape this world in which we will live in just a few years. We are all responsible for writing the future of our companies, social organizations, culture, individual lives, and career paths.

With this in mind, it's our mission to help you break boundaries and develop the skills and competences necessary to become the author of your own digital future.

The new art of revolt!


XU Digital Ecosystem

For us, "The new Art of Revolt" also means that the time of insular thinking for factories, offices and business models is over. Successful digital transformation can only be achieved through ecosystems, and only when you are ready to be irritated, inspired, and motivated by others. We are convinced that most of the rules that influence our actions today are answers to questions of the past. We don't accept that.

Ecosystem Partners

For this reason, XU wants to be more than an educational organization. Our vision is the creation of a unique ecosystem in which creativity, rule-breaking, maker-spirits and cultures open to change come together over rigid hierarchy, industry and national boundaries.

Together with our partners, we implement novel study program and training concepts, test new technologies and methods, develop disruptive ideas and introduce new approaches.

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